I.D. MAGAZINE, The Lights, Camera, Action Issue, May 2012

4 Question Interview With BERU March 9th 2012
"I've musically met Beru's works in late 2007 via the netlabel Birdsong and, in 2009, I was blown away by her tape "what would I do without you" (c/thor's rubber hammer) & decided to follow everything that the young woman would turn into golden sound."

"Rabbit In The Snow" Featured on the H. Lorenzo blog

Interview by Anna-Lynne Williams January 14, 2009
"The brief and roughly recorded pieces evoke images of angels and aliens, providing a beautiful example of what American folk music is becoming."


FireEyesGatheredSouls 2012
Digitalis Industries
"Collins followed it up with her first Digitalis release, Daughter of Eve, and brings things full-circle with her magnum opus, Fire Eyes Gather Souls. If the aforementioned albums were only an inkling, this is Collins’ vision fully-realized. Her music always breaks my heart. As her voice hovers over everything like an omnipresent spectre, fractured instrumental waves crash into each other in every possible combination. Whether it’s a drum machine pounding you in the face or electric guitars ablaze by the distorted trappings of long-forgotten idols, Beru never rests. Collins voice is at its strongest as she longingly sings “You are my whold world…” wrapped in a bed of violins and strangely-hypnotic vocal loops. It’s all perfectly puncuated with metal-infused guitar stabs that do their best to bring the whole thing to a screeching halt. Music like this takes ages to perfect, but Beru has reached that point of no return. Fire Eyes Gather Souls is a magical ride to another world. Jessica Collins has become an absolute force."

Top Ten Tapes of 2010 by Stunned Records

NPR: The Best Cassettes Of 2010
"In the span of a minute, Beru is a frightened rabbit, vulnerable and uncomfortably sweet, then suddenly a terror. Beru's stream-of-consciousness approach to songwriting is fresh, unexplored territory."

"...after dozens of listens to beru's "daughter of eve" i can say for certain: i know ghosts. jessica has crafted one of the most heartbreaking pieces of music i've heard in ages. "daughter of eve" is a dark journey through a harrowing year. think too much wine mixed with bergman and you're getting close."

Thor's Rubber Hammer
"Driven by Jessica’s vulnerable yet striking voice, it’s a noise/folk-collage similar to our 2009 release, What Would I Do Without You."


Art For Spastics
"Beru really raises the bar for haunting beauty and power at the intersection of exp. psych/folk!"

Animal Psi
"Americana wrestles the glitch off the hill with time, and in the end, [Jessica] Collins appears more like a Samara Lubelski or Marissa Nadler for the dark."

Thor's Rubber Hammer
"...the LA-via-Georgia songwriter disembodies dub-noise, haunted gospel and improvised folk in loving, sinister ways. Her pastoral drones journey heavenward and pull the silver lining to Earth, collecting songs in the chaos."

Impose Magazine
"You will be dab in the middle of a pretty melody before a giant blast of noise hits you in the jaw. You'll absorb the rustic warmth of her acoustic instruments before you realize they are all underpinned by light synth melodies..."

Slays For Days
"not saying this sounds like Grouper or anything, but that's the closest comparison i have right now. although, this comes with a dash less depression, and a skoch more whimsy. any way you look at it, this is a beautiful album."

KDVS Radio
"Jessicas voice is fragile and demure, and with the lo-fi recording style you can imagine her recording in the middle of a forest, maybe being taunted by a black metal band also sharing the same grassy knoll."

So The Wind Won't Blow It Away
française version)
Garé, je l'attends, dans l'après-midi, un peu avant quatre heures. J'écoute les éléments : le temps, les gens, le vent, les feuilles mortes ou non, un moment la pluie, une école à l'heure de la récréation, ses enfants, leurs voix, leurs rires, morcelés, lointains, mes ombres, celles de Béru. Je les écoute tisser une toile brillante, invisible, à laquelle j'accepte de me laisser prendre. Par la vitre entr'ouverte, à l'occasion d'un coup de vent, j'offre au vieux polaroid de rejoindre les autres feuilles mortes

(English Translation)
Parked, I wait for her, in the afternoon, not far from four o'. I listen to elements: time, people, wind, leaves dead or not, for a moment the rain, a school at playtime, its children, their voices, their laughter, fragmented, distant, my shadows, Béru's. I listen to them weaving a bright, invisible cloth, in which I agree to be caught. By the window ajar, during a gust, I offer the old polaroid to join down with the other autumn leaves.